The design of lorax is necessarily complex, with configuration occurring in multiple layers at different times. Proceeding in order from highest to lowest priority, these are:

Configuration Variables

Manual Configuration

Configuring lorax uses the lorax config command, run in the proper environment using the lorax_env script. The path to this script is the value of LORAX_ROOT you chose at install time:

/path/to/lorax_env -i

You will now get a lorax_env> prompt and you are ready to configure. For example:

lorax config host MY_IP_ADDRESS
lorax config crashmail_email MY_EMAIL_ADDRESS
lorax config secret_key # prints value of secret_key
lorax create_instance

Now exit the lorax_env shell with control-D. Run lorax and its associated processes:

/path/to/lorax_env -v start

The start command, when run with the -v switch should return a list of started processes, all with status RUNNING.

Configuring by Script

If you did a direct installation using the lorax_tool script, you should review and edit the script to reflect the settings you wish to use use for your installation. Then run ./lorax_tool configure_pkg to do the build.