If you defined the lorax host to be something other than localhost, you will have to define the environmental variable LORAX_HOST to match:


Ditto for the port address.

To test lorax, issue the commands:

mkdir test_lorax # could be any name, will be deleted later
cd test_lorax
/path/to/lorax_env lorax create_test_files

If the installation went properly, the last command should finish with “lorax test completed successfully.”

You may also wish to load a full-sized data model to work with. The script get_big_model.sh will do that for you. The model of 12 legume genomes (against the phytozome 10.2 HMM’s) is rather large at 900 MB of downloads and some 7 GB of data when loaded, so expect this to take a while (about 30 minutes on a core i7 with SSD). This script will define some 18,000 legume gene families.

If you wish to stop lorax after the tests, issue the command:

/path/to/lorax_env supervisorctl shutdown